The Blessing Foundation was founded in 2012 on the core values of leadership, collaboration, integrity and diversity.

At The Blessing Foundation, we thrive to be one of the leading empowerment foundations for women entrepreneurs in Lebanon, and very soon in all MENA and Gulf area.

Therefore, we came up with the idea of building a comprehensive virtual site to gather talent in one place and connect women entrepreneurs in all Arab countries, equally.

The Blessing Foundation website is a trade platform: the home of each woman entrepreneur to advertise and relate with other women entrepreneurs.

It is a user-friendly platform where the user can easily browse the listed products and services, by category, service or brand and connect with the provider.

In just few steps, any woman entrepreneur can open in our platform her own online store and advertise with us, with absolutely no cost. We just need her talent and we do the rest.

In few other easy steps, she will be able to subscribe to our Mentorship Programs too, and get in touch with our mentors to start her journey to success.

Our mission in The Blessing Foundation is to:

1. Connect and promote women entrepreneurs in Lebanon and

MENA area
2. Create access and opportunity in underserved communities

At The Blessing Foundation we work to create opportunities, have community impact, foster institutional transformation, and promote environmental growth.

When Women Work, Communities Thrive. 

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