Joêlle Abou Farhat Rizkallah - Managing Director at JO Branding & Advertising - Co-Founder of Women in Front (WIF) NGO, Lebanon


 Holder of a BA degree in Journalism and Press Agencies, Joelle Abou Farhat Rizkallah has worked in the Media field for many years as a reporter and “Press Attaché” before shifting to communication, and advertising in 1990.


Today, Joelle is the Managing Director of “JO Branding Advertising”, a self-founded company that provides branding and communication strategies for businesses and individuals.


Joelle is also the Co-founder of “Women in Front”, an NGO that aims at promoting prominent Lebanese women by increasing their media visibility and encouraging them to play leading roles in the political and public life.


Mrs. Rizkallah has worked within “Women in front” on many projects: “Women towards Parliament”, “Women in municipalities” and “Women in Politics”, creating a network of almost 400 women of whom 44 are candidates for parliamentary elections, 70 for municipal elections and 300 more, willing to support the cause of women in politics in Lebanon.


Mrs. Rizkallah is also member of “Women in Parliament”, a coalition that comprises multiple NGOs and CSOs advocating to increase women representation in politics by implementing temporary measures including women’s quota.


Mrs. Rizkallah has recently participated in a symposium on Presidential Debates in Washington D.C., conducted by the NDI (National Democratic Institute) and the CPD (Commission on Presidential Debates).


Joelle is also a trainer in Marketing, Branding and Advertising for startup companies and has been training individuals and groups for the program of the “United Nations Industrial Development Organization” (UNIDO), since 2010.


Mrs. Rizkallah has been part of the Vital Voices Grow Women Entrepreneurship Program 2014-2015 that gathers every year 25 women from all over the world to provide them with the essential tools and techniques enabling them to develop their businesses on solid basis.


Mrs. Rizkallah profile is featured as a prominent Lebanese woman leader in “Who is she” Lebanon.



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