Delphine Edde - Publishing Director & Founder at Diwanee Media Co.


Delphine Eddé is Lebanese, partner and co - founder of Diwanee, a company building online portals for women in the Middle East region.


 She was raised most of her life in France and North America and she  has worked 10 years in the online business advertising and publishing within  Tribal DDB Paris and then Condé Nast France where she was managing new media and digital activities for publications such as Vogue or Glamour.


Created in 2008,  Diwanee has become today the market leader in women’s lifestyle web content in Arabic.


 In an increasingly digitized age, Diwanee seeks to bring the topics Arab women might discuss amongst themselves to the online platform. Diwanee’s specialized web portals (motherhood, health), (beauty, fashion), Duniati (You tube channel) and (fashion ecommerce dedicated to middle easter designers) satisfy its readership with information tailored to their lifestyle and life stage. 


Additional Info

  • Member Position: Publishing Director & Founder at Diwanee Media Co.


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