www.TheBlessingFoundation.com is our High End Modern website allowing any woman from any location to connect with one another, buy, sell, their products homemade or business manufactured and promoted.
We are giving each one of you the means to own your own Online Store, Business, and Website for free and build your own success without you having to spend tens and tens of thousands of dollars on web related solutions and, promotions, and Media advertising.

The Blessing Foundation was established to build a network of empowered women in the Middle East by connecting like-minded self-starters that share the same passions and aspirations to have a greater impact in the socio-economic development of their communities.

Founded on the core values of leadership, collaboration, integrity and diversity, the Blessing Foundation aims to provide women with a platform to interact and share ideas in order to build a dynamic business environment that mentors and develops future women leaders.The Blessing Foundation connects the wise and experienced with the motivated and growing, creates a platform for mentor-mentee discovery and dialogue, leverages learning from global initiatives and fosters an environment of entrepreneurship and sound business judgment


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